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Thread: USIC Info? Trying to get hired with them.

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    Default USIC Info? Trying to get hired with them.

    I'm very interested in this position (locator). Completely new to this and have been reading and watching videos on the process. I would really like to do this, but there are a lot of negative reviews on USIC. Thanks

    How does on-call work? If you put in 12 hours and get called in at 12am and finish at 6am, do you still have to go into the regular shift right after?

    Is this a "fancy" corporate place where you have to dress up (dress shirt) for the interview or is it relaxed casual (jeans/shirt)?

    If you apply online do you still have to fill out a paper application at the office?

    Where do you train in Illinois?

    How long is training?

    What days and times are training?

    How much training is classroom and how much is hands-on, actually outside?

    Are the written tests multiple choice? How many questions and how do they score you?

    Do you get your hired wage for training?

    How many people per class?

    Do you get a company vehicle to take to and from training?

    After training do you get your truck, phone, tools and laptop?

    When do you restock your paint or other equipment? On company time or your own?

    When you are out for the first time by yourself and run into something do you just call the supervisor and they will walk you through it over ther phone or would they come to your location and help?

    When you go to a location what do you tell home owners or contractors? Do they follow you around?

    How many tickets do you get after training? Do they give you a little slack since you are new or are they ball-breakers?

    Are there set starting hours? Can you just decide to work overnight or start at like 4am?

    Is it normal for a person after just training to run into issues that need more experienced techs to help/solve? And do they treat you bad or have an attitude for doing so?

    Do you have to block off traffic? What if it for a busy intersection? Can you just block a lane on a major street? Or do they save those for overnight? I have a hard time seeing one person blocking off traffic in downtown Chicago or even a major intersection like six-corners.

    How are you paid? Check? Debit Card? Every week or bi-weekly?

    Any fees taken out of your check?

    Do they give uniforms?

    Do you have to work at distant locations? If so, do they pay for a hotel if you can not drive back in time?

    Any issues with police and tickets?

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    Default Re: USIC Info? Trying to get hired with them.

    good luck with any company you can get hired on with . I do say that in a nice way .
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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