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    4th week of training........ Nicor written test i got a 97%. Tommorow is the field test, then onto Peoples gas training. this has been a very stressful training session. im sure once im out of training and in the field i'll learn alot faster than what was taught in the class. Any advice gladly accepted. also got issued the RD 4000 transmitter and receiver, any advice on that would also be greatly appreciated also.

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    Take the stress level you had in the class and double it. Say goodbye to your 8 hr days. Cross your t and dot your eyes. Pay attention to the senior locators in your group as they will help you the most. Be kind to contractors and fellow locators from any company as they may help you a time or two. Don't let the job get to you. Leave the work prob and ticket count in your truck at the end of the day and just take your time. Remember damages reflect on your raise. Listen to their pushing methods but only listen don't let them rush you. If you have problems call someone even if it may seem stupid to you. Chances are someone has already been there done that. And remember everyone has been where your at. So they understand most guys are just glad to have more help.

    And never speak to management of this site lol

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