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    USIC is changing the way they do the locate process for the year 2012 dig season.

    What dose this mean to the locator's at USIC. Right now USIC wants the locator's to do 5 locate's per hour - vs -10 tickets in 8 hours. That means more tickets should get billed out in 8 hours. More tickets the locator's bill out in an hour the more money USIC makes. " Do More for Less" That's what the CEO at USIC said.

    The Change in 2012:

    If USIC is trying a new way how to change the way they do there locate process to their Customer Infrastructure. So the locator's can get more ticket's bill out in an hour.
    That means the locator's will start taking short cuts and take a risk of getting a damage or cause body harm to a Contractor or Home owner.

    Were is the safty in protecting their Customer Infrastructrure????

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    At USIC, profts have always come before safety, but they will always deny that. The only reason the preach anything about safety at USIC is the fact that you being safe saves them money, and you being at work makes them money.
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    Okay... You're not turning the whole forum into a Union propaganda tool.

    I'm very serious about what I wrote yesterday.
    "Change does not always equal progress."

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