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Thread: Trick for locating old or hard to locate lines.

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    Default Trick for locating old or hard to locate lines.

    Found a way to locate old primary power lines awhile ago, figured I would share it here. Take a old extension cable and cut both ends off, the longer the better. Now wire the exposed wiring to a pair of metal clips, any kind will do as long as its a conductor, I used old direct connect clamps from a 810. Wrap the cable around the transformer, pole dip, ped, whatever you can, several times and clip both ends together. Now ground like normal and direct connect to the connected ends of the cable. Put your machine on the highest freq you can, 83 or 200 hz has worked the best for me, and turn up the power. This is basically a giant ring clamp and works wonders for finding old exterior concentric power primaries that are toasted. Hope this helps some of you guys, credit for this goes to Larry Polston our lead tech in Salem OR. You can also use a small wire instead, for streetlights, it even locates those old wooden ones.


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    Default Re: Trick for locating old or hard to locate lines.

    I'd like to try this out. Very interesting concept. We've discussed wrapping a wire around light poles before.
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