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Thread: Tax freedom day

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    Default Tax freedom day

    Okay, may not be the most exciting thread ever posted but here goes.

    In Canada there is a "Think Tank" of economists and the like that work at something called the Fraser institute in Vancouver B.C.

    One thing they do annually is let Canadians know exactly what day of the year Canadians have to work until to pay all the various forms of taxes ie: income, property, provincial, sales , alcohol , fuel , tobacco, federal, and city.

    Being an Albertan where we pay less tax than most Canadians our tax freedom day was May 28. Federally averaged the tax freedom day was June 14.

    Essentially what they are saying is all the gross money I earn from Jan 1 to May 28 would go to the government if I were required to pay all taxes up front.

    Federally, our tax freedom day is June 14.

    Freeking amazing when you think about it. I work 5 months of the year to pay taxes to every money grubbing level of government.

    Anyone know if they do anything similar in the U.S.?
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    Default Re: Tax freedom day

    They do it down here but I don't know which day it was. I think it gets later each year, although Pres. Bush did give us some tax relief a few years back. I don't think we will get to keep it much longer.
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    Default Re: Tax freedom day

    That just makes me sick. I know with all of the overtime I get nailed every year. I was always told Uncle Sam takes appr. 33 percent of your pay.

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