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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidDodd View Post
    Been a dog guy all my life - never much cared for cats - until a couple years ago my son brought in a stray kitten. Turns out to be best pet ever. No mess, no maintenance, incredible athlete, incredible hunter and killer of unwanted critters, and as sweet and loyal as any dog I've owned. Our dogs love him too. Sam rocks.
    I can relate.

    About 6 years ago my parents were gone at the camp and I was home alone on a Friday night watching FnF and I heard a funny meow at the back door. It was a cat that we had hanging around our house, and it was extremely wounded. A large chunk of it's neck was missing, it was pretty grotesque. So, I did what any decent human being would do, I brought the poor little rat in and got out the first aid kid, poured hydrogen peroxide on it's neck and pretty much just plastered neosporin all over it, as best I could...It was a pretty large gaping wound on the damn thing's neck...So I get this big thing of gauze I had and wrap it around this cat's looked like a cat in a neckbrace when I was done, walking around with it's head in the air. But I shit you not, ever since I did that and helped it out...the cat like, remembered. It loved me unlike any animal has ever loved me, after I did that, no bullshit. It would jump up on me anytime I called it, leave when I'd tell it to piss off, never peed in my room or in my house...It was such a quality animal, but like I said I had to stick my neck out for it and save it's ass one time for it to gain respect for me. I still have that cat's kid, I named it Montezuma and we call it Montie...the mother, (the cat who's neck I repaired) was called Gizmo, I don't know why but the cat reminded me of Gizmo from Gremlins


    another positive attribute of a cat is when death does come, nine times outta ten you won't find the dead cat. It'll just run off and die in the bushes or etc. Every single dog I've owned that's died, has been found. We've never found a cat we've lost, and have owned six. I personally think it's the crazy Korean guy One Hung-Lo up the street kidnapping my cats for a quick snack
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    I'm told the old Pipehorn wooden cases make excellent cat coffins...

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