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Thread: Rewarding laziness and incompetence?

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    Question Rewarding laziness and incompetence?

    Do most contract locating companies "reward" under performers and incompetence?

    My boss flat out told me that some locators who did not produce required numbers were
    promoted to sup, DI, QA or trainer.
    So basically these certain people were getting a significant raise and a promotion
    to do LESS actual work....

    I know one guy, he'd been there 6 months, the company thought was "slow" meaning he didn't "get" locating
    and his production was not on par. So instead of firing him,
    the company sent him to do gas standby, where all he did for 8 hours a day was
    sit in his truck at certain dig sites and make sure the crews were careful around the gas lines.
    No actual "work" involved.

    I think this practice of promoting those that don't really deserve it is harmful to the company.
    In the end, I guess only the company favorites get promoted regardless of actual merit.
    Homeowner - "They still bury lines in the ground?
    I thought they didn't do that anymore!"
    Me - "Yes sir they do."
    Homeowner - "...But you're painting all over people's property"
    Me - "Yes I am. It's the law."
    Homeowner - "My gas line is not over there"
    Me - "Yes it is."

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    Default Re: Rewarding laziness and incompetence?

    The answer is simple;
    Good locators are hard to come by and hard to replace. Promote a good locator and get left with poor locators in the field.

    So they promote the poor or or average at best locators to ,maintain a complement of good locators.
    This happens in all industries.

    This happened at one job not in the locating industry.
    A manager suddenly started screwing up. So they made a job position for him that had no real work or responsibility.
    Why did they not just fire him?` Because he was management and to fire him would mean they should not have promoted him to his position in the first place. So to hide their own misjudgement they covered it up.

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    Default Re: Rewarding laziness and incompetence?

    In this field and a lot of time elsewhere the more incompetent gets promoted Look at the supervisors and managers one has had in the work life. In the locating field I have found a lot of times I have found many supervisors were not the best of locators. I only have had one which also was the most excelent supervisor and a great locator. They seem to prefer someone who has managing skills over locating skills. This way they can manage and if there is a difficult locate they just send a tenured locator over to assist. As to the company sending a guy to be a watchdog locator there is a couple ways you can look at it. If the guy doesn't really get it and probably is going to damage out when it gets busy. this way they can hopefully fill his spot with another quality noob. As a stand by locator they really just need a warm body to babysit. The high profile gas will already be located by the other locator and all they have to do is hook up and verify. If he sucks he just might paint the other marks hoping that guy was a better locator than he is. Then he will go sit in his truck until he has to inspect the main.

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    Default Re: Rewarding laziness and incompetence?

    it is simple business 101 .................profit first at WHATEVER cost . gloom and doom report WILL get worst . For those of you who DON"T like what I said , when the sting happens to you LATER in life , remember you heard it here first . Good luck growing up !
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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