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Thread: Questions to ask when applying for a job

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    Default Questions to ask when applying for a job

    In another thread somebody was inquiring about working for a company. The speculation was that this company required people drive their own vehicle and provide a cell phone and laptop. If a company requires this then what else is required of you that you may not be aware of. So, I'm starting this thread so that people will know what to ask a prospective employer before they decide to commit to them. Here are some questions from the aforementioned thread brought up by ProfessionalLocator.

    1. Will you be an employee or and Independent contractor?

    2. Will yo be reimbursed for use of perosnal vehicle/cell phone/computer etc.?

    3. If personal vehicle is to be used what insurance requirements are there?

    4. Who pays for damages? (get it in writing)
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    Default Re: Questions to ask when applying for a job

    How much does your Health Insurance suck? If it is anything like ours you are better off not getting it or finding a different company to work for.

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    Default Re: Questions to ask when applying for a job

    Also, I would ask about production. What is the minimum, how long do have after training to hit these numbers?
    I think I would also ask how far you are going to have to travel to be doing this in your personal vehicle.

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