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Thread: Private Locating

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    Default Private Locating

    Looking for any potential advice for growing a small locate company. There seems to be an old school mentality around here that everyone can get everything they need from the one call center and their contract locator. Seems like no one wants to pay for a private locator, even though it would cost much less than a damage. My take is there hasn't been a good private locator in my area so everyone got used to not using one at all. Now I am here to change that. I try to educate people as much as I try to sell the service.

    I don't compete for work with the local contract locators and I have a good relationship with them and we refer each others' business as appropriate. Our company bought a GPR and a Mini GPR concrete scanner to try to diversify and stay busy, but that portion is also slow to get off the ground.

    My "marketing" plan consists of dropping in on construction sites and meeting the super, calling/emailing/dropping in on engineers, surveyors, contractors, excavators, and everyone else I would expect to do work around utilities. I figure it could take a few years to get steady busy (we are almost 2 years old, I have been running it for just over a year).

    Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions to promote and grow our company? Thanks all!

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    Default Re: Private Locating

    SubTerraVT... You may want to go down to the One-Call center and introduce yourself. I'm sure they field many calls from people wondering why the power from the garage to the shed wasn't located. Otherwise it sounds like you are putting in the time and effort needed to grow the business.

    Don't forget to submit your link here: Private Utility Locators - Directory
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    Default Private Locating

    Greetings SubterraVT!

    Below is my response to our member Wil-Check when he asked the 'Vine membership kinda/sorta the same question as yours. Wil-Check was targeting primarily homeowners and wanted some tips to build volume. What I offered is my opinion only and it may help you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Wingfoot View Post
    It is my gut feeling, if you are targeting homeowners for building a private locate business, you will be owning nothing more than a hobby business. I believe you will be hard pressed getting the $250.00+ required for your services rendered dealing only with homeowners. Most will counter by offering $25 for your services.

    Forget about going after the little guy. There is no future (i.e MONEY) going in that direction. Instead, I suggest calling on the big commercial excavator companies, utility placement sub-contractors, horizontal & verticle boring firms, big apartment complexes, big retirement complexes, colleges, school districts, big hospital complexes, big manufacturing firms, sprinkler companies and I could keep on going. All these companies need a competent private locator on speed dial. Press-the-flesh (make some cold calls) and you will be amazed what can happen.

    I also suggest considering water leak detection. Water departments nationwide always have leaks that require pinpoint detection. And there is BIG money here. This niche has few players and $500.00 a pop is not out-of-realm.

    Don't promise more than you can deliver. Always make yourself available to work within their timetables. Please, DO NOT cheapen yourself by selling your services too low. Luv Ya Man! Good Luck!
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