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Thread: Pricing for private locates?

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    Default Re: Pricing for private locates?

    I'm with you on the fact that no piece of paper will stand up in court, but what you are trying to convey to everyone involved in damage resolution is the fact that the contractor knew that the locator has limitations and those limitations were laid out on a binding contract for payment.

    The Waiver is not supposed to protect the shitty locators, it is only to convey limitations of the locate to people who do not know the industry.

    On this note, about 6 months back I had a Legal aide E-mail me from our legal department. All her E-mail said was.... "What do you do here?"

    Typically nothing good comes from questions like that, but come to find out she was filling out witness lists for a utility conflict and someone wanted me on the list and she just needed to know what I did. (like the title Utility Locator was an alien term)

    No one knows or cares what we do, they just need it done.

    The above statement is only used for the need to spread the information about what we do, not a representation of how I feel about the industry.....although......

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    Default Re: Pricing for private locates?

    I charge 100 dollars an hour . I mark it and expose it on both ends for customer to see . I have picked up very few privates because of the price BUT that is what I am after .
    wise men talk because they have something to say and fools because they have to say something....plato

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