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Thread: Playing around with another website.

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    Default Playing around with another website.

    So... the social media format is so much easier for people to post to. The Facebook page is doing tremendously well. Thanks to the person(s) who set it up. Mainly I think because you just type and post. Posting pictures doesn't require 10 minutes of trying to figure out the software either. For whatever reason I always have trouble posting pics to this site. I've never liked it.

    Facebook has the advantages that I've mentioned above. The downside to Facebook is that once a conversation has run it's course, usually within a day or two, it is gone. You can search for it. But, your results will include all of Facebook and you may or may not find what you are looking for.

    So, the advantages of this forum are the tons of information that is readily available. The downside is it is not as user-friendly as a Facebook format. With that in mind I went looking for a software that is more like Facebook but is free. I found something called Elgg. It is an open-source social website software. It has nowhere near the power and capability of Facebook but that's okay. I'm just playing around with it.

    As you may have guessed already I've set up a website using the software and I'm inviting all here to go the site and play around with it. You simply sign-up and start posting. It shouldn't take long to figure it out. I may or may not keep the site going but for now it is there.

    In trying to keep with the "Vine" theme I picked the name It has no meaning but it is short and was available so I got it. So, please sign-up play around with it and leave your feedback as to what you think.

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    Default Re: Playing around with another website.

    So far Mobyvine is great for spammers.

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