Gas Explosion, Three-Alarm Fire At M's Pub, Omaha

The evidence unearthed by Omaha Fire Department investigators looking into the Mís Pub fire clearly confirmed for them what everyone suspected.

Battalion Chief Doug Krysl said Friday that they found holes drilled through the dirt on both sides of the natural gas service line into the building. They found a hole torn though the top of that gas line.

The hole in the gas pipe lined up with the holes drilled through the dirt.

And the holes in the dirt lined up with a Ditch Witch excavating machine that a contractor was using to bore beneath Mís Pub sidewalk from 11th and Howard Streets to a ditch dug at the alley north of the buildings, Krysl said.

ďAt which time, itís my understanding they put on a bigger bore head (and) were boring back in for their conduit, and thatís when the gas line was hit,Ē he said.

The Fire Department ruled the blaze an accident, caused when crews boring horizontally under the sidewalk struck a gas line that was the main gas feed to the building.

Omaha Fire Chief Bernard Kanger had said earlier that fire investigators were interviewing workers from the excavation subcontractor, Minnesota-based North Central Service, and that they were cooperating.

Questions remain, including why nobody called to report a gas odor before the explosion.