One of our airfield projects last year uncovered a small section of "wood stave pipe" It was like a 3" and it was coated probably with Creasote and wrapped with a wire. It was still intact till the Excavator hit it. I don't know if it would of been air tight, or water tight, but it looked good.

As for abandoned utilities, We try our hardest to Identify any utilities that are abandoned and are no longer in use, and we will usually throw into the design of the next project in that area to remove positively Identified abandon utilities. With that being said, we are not electricians and that is an extremely fine line to walk. I do not suggest having an over zealous excavator rip and tear on a statement I think we all have either said, or heard....... " I'm 99% sure that its dead". We also try to remove storm lines, but if its not in the budget, we fill them full of concrete so they don't cause sink holes.