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Thread: Marking Standards Committee

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    Default Marking Standards Committee

    If you would like to join in and put your 2 cent and get involved to have your thoughts heard call Greg Jeffries. We need folks for all sub-groups.

    The goal of next week’s meeting is to create sub-committees to seek and provide input from the various stakeholder segments / groups; water/sewer, telecom/catv, power & gas, each with a sub-committee chair person. I envision each sub-committee being tasked with reviewing the current marking standard for their facility types, including nomenclature, marking shape/style/length and creating or advising the entire committee on needed changes or revisions and additions to the standard.

    We also need to hear from SUE Providers, facility owners and contractors regarding how the markings affect them or their locales and how to make those markings more communicative to the “end user”. Additionally, we need to create a “white lining” or pre-marking standard as well as addressing the use or anticipated use of new marking mediums like fading makers, spray chalk or other potentials like plastic markers.

    Each group may like the existing format, or may like to change or add specific symbology to identify a particular type or size of installed facility. The concept being to more accurately communicate what has been marked and to do it with more uniformity while at the same time being cognizant of the local environment and not create an eyesore out of what should be a communicative, life-safety subsurface facility marking.

    We will be meeting in a conference room at the Locate Rodeo host hotel immediately following the NULCA Board Meeting. The conference bridge is being provided for those who cannot physically attend. I do not know the specific name of the conference room as of yet, I will provide an update as soon as that information is provided by the venue.

    Please feel free to share this information with anyone else you feel may need it or will benefit.


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    Default Re: Marking Standards Committee

    Thanks for getting the word out Frank!

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    Default Re: Marking Standards Committee

    Quote Originally Posted by GWJ_CAS View Post
    Thanks for getting the word out Frank!
    Any one? Muwahahhahahah!

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