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Thread: Locator's Wish

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    Default Locator's Wish

    I don't normally write poems, and I almost never share them, but this just came to me while i was working today. I hope you enjoy t

    Locator's Wish
    On the radio, i've heard this song
    man this day is way too long

    Mark the electric, phone, and cable
    gotta get home, dinner's on the table

    Pizza, Steak, or Mac & Cheese
    Now which contractor gave you flees?

    Dirty, Greasy, lazy dude?
    or the chick that's really rude?

    wish they were all really nice,
    but instead, they give me lice.

    rise and fall, i see the sun
    soon the leaves will fall and run

    hope that job makes no sparks,
    when the rain kills my marks

    drive the speed, there's a cop
    hey, did you remember to mark that drop?

    see the lightning in the clouds
    boy that thunder's really loud

    darker clouds, the rain flows
    gone the light, the storm just grows

    think to myself every night,
    when it stops, it'll be alright

    rain, rain, go away
    come back a fridge-ed day

    bring me rain,,sleet and snow
    and make the wind really blow

    snow alot make it rough
    fill the ditches with that stuff

    to my hip, would be sweet,
    better yet, atleast six feet

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    Default Re: Locator's Wish

    Great poem. I'm poetry challenged. I've been trying to write a poem about a purple orange but it just isn't working out.
    "Change does not always equal progress."

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    Default Re: Locator's Wish

    purple orange, i'm so afraid,
    after eatng you, i just prayed

    cause when i took that
    i saw a pink cat

    took my money away from me
    said she was gonna set me free

    all i got, was a head full of lies
    now i lay hear dead, full of flies

    purple orange, i'm so scared
    with the devil, i'm now paired

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    Default Re: Locator's Wish

    Purple orange, what happened to you ?
    You came in a can, this is true..
    I shook your bones till you rattled so,
    to make the best of the fluid flow.
    And yet there you are, such a strange sight,
    not the right colour, and yet so bright.
    So off to the trash you did go,
    A factory defect, apparently so !
    (May you live in interesting times)

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    Default Re: Locator's Wish

    Half a Man

    My dog bit off my wiener and had it for a snack.
    Now he's digesting it and I'll never get it back.
    People tell me to go on with my life but I don't think I can.
    How can I go on with my life when I'm only half a man?


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