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Thread: A light at the end of the tunnel

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    Default A light at the end of the tunnel

    I have been working my ass off these last few weeks. Go to work in the dark... come home in the dark.

    I got home at 6:00 PM today and I felt like I was taking a half day off. I actually stopped and got a lunch. I don't do that very often. I ate it in the dining area of the restaurant. not in my work car. I was going to hang around and read the paper after I was done eating but I felt like I was screwing off so I went back to work.

    I'm hoping to be getting home a little earlier from now on. I think the fall rush might be coming to an end.
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    Default Re: A light at the end of the tunnel

    and I thought it was just me working that late ????? ha ! I keep thinking that any time now the work will begin to slow down....can't tell !!!
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