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    I can't find a single point you made to argue with JC.

    If a locator is overwhelmed and you don't get your marks, that's not your problem. We all gotta git that money. The problem is more in the system. You're right. When everyone is so ready to sue and bicker over technicalities, no one wins.

    I wish locators had the political clout to get common sense laws passed. Whatever laws were passed would slow the bore guys down, forcing them to charge more but as long as you make the same profit for your time, then no harm. The laws that passed would cost the utilities money and rates would go up. Utility stocks would go down so the utilities, who already have political connections, will fight it tooth and nail. Which is really sad because it is their own infrastructure they allow to be put at risk.

    I think the battle will rage on until some major catastrophe happens to shake things up. I'm guessing it will be the major 811 contractors who will be the cause of it. I've said many times before. As long as public safety is profit driven, no one is safe.
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    This kinda relates to what is being discussed.

    I called a contractor today who called in a ticket that asked for the rear easement of a condominium complex. He wanted the backs of about 20 - 25 condos located for sprinkler repairs. I told him straight up that I didn't have time to do his ticket. I'm behind and his ticket is just gonna have to wait. He was a little perplexed understandably but I'm just being honest with him. I told him I could probably do it by this weekend but more than likely I'll get to it on Monday or Tuesday. Well, he wanted to work on it tomorrow (Friday). I told him I could probably mark out about a 1/4 of the project but I wasn't sure. That is when he said "my boss told me to call in the whole thing, but all I really need is from.... (this is where he gets specific and mentions the back of about 5 condos)". I told him I would be glad to get that marked out for him today so he could start work on it tomorrow.

    It is this attitude of "tell them to mark everything" when you really don't need everything marked that causes the friction. That is from the locator side of things. I'm sure contractors have their list as well.

    Even when the digline operator decides she/he is tired of typing specifics and just hits the "F" key that prints "Front, Back, and Both sides of property" when they don't have to, causes problems. I really don't have time to do the whole property when all they are doing is planting a bush by the front door or fixing a sprinkler valve by the driveway.

    An extra 5 minutes on 10 tickets a day is almost a full hour of time wasted because someone is too lazy to take the extra minute to be specific or to type a few extra words.
    "Change does not always equal progress."

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