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Thread: I have to give it to you guys....

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    Default I have to give it to you guys....

    I'm an in-house guy. I do rather large projects but typically they are all within a fence and they are all my utilities and I have the ability to access all the utilities and vaults however I deem fit.

    I do some locating on public roads as well, but typically they are for smaller utilities and Irrigation lines.

    I however, got saddled with a survey for a new property we just purchased and its a large parcel bound by busy congested roads on all 4 sides. I was told to locate all utilities on both sides of the street. Its been a couple of years since I've had to work a busy congested street and I totally forgot what you poor bastards go through everyday.

    So, My hat is off to you guys.

    I don't understand how your company expects you to put out the best possible locate without having the time (and sometimes the ability) to access some of the utility enclosures or vaults. I'm about 8hrs into the locate. The water line is in the lane of travel so it sucks ass to locate with no lane closure (Same thing for the storm and sanitary lines). The natural gas line's access is in valves in the lane of travel or the nearest house which is over 1000' to the south (Induces great though). There is no access for the 12" HP gas, but its steel and so, but crosses the 4 lane road at a long diagonal crossing.

    The Power was a pain in the arse for two reasons.... the Street lighting was directly above it most of the way, and there was a TV main within a foot of that. If the prints you were going off of didn't have the crossings, you could of easily blown pass them. Not to mention in one area there was 4 primarys going out the same side of the vault. There is no way to use a 60cycle to pick up each one, no risers to go off of, and the transformer hook up gave you one pominent signal that only led back to the vault to account for one of the 4 primarys.

    I can go on, but its all boring locator stuff.

    My main point was to give you daily locators kudos (for what its worth).


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    Default Re: I have to give it to you guys....

    I love you too, man. Curb to curb. Both sides of the road. Mark behind sidewalks 50'.
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