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Thread: Home Improvements

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    Default Home Improvements

    Greetings fellow 'Viners! I just logged into theCableVine and an ad for Window World popped up on the header on our forum.

    I own my own home. When I bought it, my house was only 6 years old with cheap, commercial-grade, single-pane windows. Every winter, for 20 years, I set my thermostat at 74 and experienced drafts and ever higher gas bills. Living in my house during the cold months of winter was miserable for the wife, the kids and me. When I would watch TV or log onto our forum I would wrap myself with a heavy blanket every night or day during winter. All my relatives had houses with single-pane windows so I "assumed" this is how America lived.

    How wrong I was. My wife took the initiative to get a quote from Window World of Kansas City 5 years ago. For a little more than $2,000, I got replacement multi-pane windows on all my house windows. Window World did the job in less than 4 hours and gave me a new, comfortable home!

    My heating and cooling bills immediately plummeted after Window World. I don't require blankets now to watch TV or post on the 'Vine. I no longer have drafts inside my house. My house is so sealed that I don't hear the trash truck picking up my weekly trash! (And that's sayin' a lot right there!) Knowing now what I didn't know then, I should have put multi-pane windows in my house BEFORE I moved in.

    So far during my lifetime, the BIGGEST BANG for my BUCK has been multi-pane, replacement windows.............................. just sayin.'

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    Default Re: Home Improvements

    I have them also and I agree with everything Wing said . Have enjoyed mine for about 10 years now .
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