Has anyone ever used a Metrotech 810 classic receiver with an 810dx transmitter? I prefer to use the metrotech 810 classic receiver because of the legendary analogue needle, but was wondering if the 0.25 watt output of the classic 810 transmitter could be left behind for the 810dx transmitter which can go up to 1 watt of power output.

The 2 units are compatible, and I've even talked with a distributor who says that Metrotech even sells them as a set. I have spoken with people in person who have used it as a set and I've heard mixed opinions. One person said that all the 1 watt of power does on the 810dx is just make it bleed off more, like crazy, even worse than it already does. The other person I spoke with said he enjoyed using the 810 classic wand and the 810dx transmitter because you can take a signal for a longer distance if you have too, or use it to jump a really bad connection like a metallic ribbon used on adelphia cable back in 1995.

Just wondering if anyone else had been thinking about this too.