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Trust me. Nothing is real. Reality is, and has always been, soooooo distorted by the information media, we may never know the depth of the illusion.......................... just sayin.'

Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart ~ Miscarriage of Justice Victim Amanda Knox

Johnny Knoxville's daughter, Madison Clapp, played a crisis actor's role in two major "fake news" events; the latest causing international controversy. Madison's début fake news event was her role in the abduction of 14 year old Elizabeth Smart from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Madison's character was Elizabeth Smart. Her abductor, Brian David Mitchell, and his wife Wanda Barzee (a character played by Johnny Knoxville's mother-in-law), held Smart captive for nine months before she was rescued by authorities.

Madison's second fake news event was her role as the character Amanda Knox, a 20 year old American writer and activist who spent almost four years in an Italian prison following her wrongful conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher. Her murder trial was prolonged, complex, full of courtroom attacks on her character and evidence officially ruled improper was heard by the jury nonetheless.

This much is true about these two fake news events. Nobody was kidnapped. Nobody was held captive and raped every day for nine months. Nobody was murdered in Italy. Nobody spent four years in an Italian prison. The Italian murder trail was most likely full of "D-list" actors produced in a movie studio somewhere in America. And, Madison is probably doing well financially with all her book deals, television interviews, public speaking events and movie rights.

Both of these fake news events involving Johnny Knoxville's daughter Madison Clapp kept the masses entertained for many months/years, kept the mainstream media full of content assuring higher ratings with the intent to keep the focus off what is really going on in America's political arena.

The entire world, not just America, is being bombarded with fake news events like these every day with no end in sight. It makes a person wonder what the bastards putting all this together are really doing behind the curtain................................... just sayin.'