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    Default got work today

    I got 2 tickets today. Both for the same area. Probably won't have to do much, 3 hr drive each way. Maybe I'll go tomorrow.
    We just had a discussion about our contract locators and their failings. Primarily having no experience inthe construction aspect of utility installation.
    Don't know how some of you can do over 100 tickets a day/ multiple utilities with any amount of quality. I know it was that way at some other places I worked. I worked that way too. Since I'm on the construction side, we're usually given all the time we need(within reason) to do it right. Of course, depending who you work for, that doesn't always happen either. Have fun.
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    Hey, on a side note, if anyone likes metal, check these guys out.

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    Default Re: got work today

    occasionally maybe about 2 times a year or so i can do 80-100 tickets in a single day...some of them being projects and some being write offs but it can be done and can be done is possible..... only do 2 utilities ...3 sometimes a ticket...
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    Default Re: got work today

    uhhh. I have topped out at 48tickets in 4 different counties and 2 different states, and no overtime..... Ok some were sign installs which were not bad. Quality should be a concern for the company but will never be. The locator should have pride in the Paint they put down, that will make up for the lack of concern for quality from the company.

    I would always bust my arse to get things taken care of, as well as, making sure my marks were on. The biggest pains were offsets, map searches (micro-fisch), and realizing the maps were not accurate.

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