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Thread: Damage Prevention Professional Article

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    Default Damage Prevention Professional Article

    I went and saw my old boss today to have a chat and catch up on things. He gave me the magazine that mentioned this site and it turns out it wasn't from the "Common Ground Alliance" like I thought he said it was but instead it was the "Damage Prevention Professional" magazine that mentioned it.

    The article is called "Dear Facility Locators we have an Image Problem".

    This is the paragraph that mentions it:
    The underground utility locating and construction company receives its fair
    share of negative comments. One quick pass through “The Cable Vine” is enough to reveal
    that our field is perceived as low-tech. End consumers also see us through a distorted lens.
    The truth is, few people outside the immediate industry fully grasp that underground utility
    locating is a high-tech field where the work is both stressful and dangerous.
    The article discusses in short how to up our image to the public and to our customers. Basics like better training, better communication, and better pay are mentioned. Part of the better communication deals with public relations. As in knocking on doors or contacting homeowners associations and having meetings with them to inform them of upcoming excavation and construction. I wasn't sure if the article was suggesting that the locate companies do the meetings or the excavator who called in the tickets should hold the meetings. Seems to me the excavator should be the one to do all the public relations prior to surveyors, locators, and excavators arriving. Just my opinon.

    He also had some other ideas on locating which I'll share in another post.
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    Default Re: Damage Prevention Professional Article

    Contract locating is kind of being like a public safety watchdog, but only for a profit. Seems to me this kind of public danger should be a government safety issue with government owned utilities.

    Seriously, how awesome would that be? Being an in house government locator if most utilities were owned by the government? $30+ an hour. And all of the benefits typically gotten by government employees.

    And you would never need to worry about losing your job due to lay off for purposes of company mergers, since the government wouldn't sell ownership of it's utilities. At least in my fairy tale example.

    It should be like police officers are today. What state out there is contracting out it's state troopers jobs? Underground Locating should be just like that, in my humble opinion. No more contracting out.
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    Default Re: Damage Prevention Professional Article

    Well to start with I am a locator for a government area . But I work for a private company . The government is starting to put out locating on bids now . My pay is good but not $30 an hour . And you do not get government benefits or job security . As long as I am doing a good job I keep my job . Just like any job . Another up side is I don't have near the volume that USIC does , but my prints aren't nearly as good as most get .

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