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Thread: IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!(my beer froze)

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    Default Re: IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!(my beer froze)

    Temp was -1 for most of the morning. Felt good to be finally wearing shorts again............
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    Default Re: IT IS COLD!!!!!!!!(my beer froze)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wingfoot View Post
    The temp got up to 17 degrees today. Yesterday my right foot work boot cracked on the side about 2" back from my little toe. Now when I walk thru the snow I can really feel the wet AND the cold........ My boots are now just a year old and on 40 hr work weeks I may have to feel the cold for a couple more months.......
    What size do you wear? Maybe we could take up a collection or start a Website "Free Boots for Wingfoot" or something to help you out until Daytona!
    Or do like we did as kids - put a plastic bread sack over your sock!
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