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Thread: Any NULCA news?

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    Default Any NULCA news?

    I just got back from the spring Damage Prevention conference in Virginia. Ron Peterson, new Executive Director for NULCA, was able to attend and got an earful from several locating companies. No specific details yet, but supposedly they (the current NULCA Board) have made their decision as to who will be asked to sit on the new Board.

    Anybody heard anything about who they are and what their involvement in the industry is? Website phone number still a dead end, and not a lot of details available on any real progress.
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    Default Re: Any NULCA news?

    Just checked the website. There is a new line-up of board members, don't know if it was the interim board or the new official one?

    Seems to be the same old stacked deck...just with different names...ELM's Pres. instead of SM&P's, Masumi with STS is still there, Locating Inc. etc...and the commitees are all made up of exec.'s from the same old same old...I don't see much change in the future for the status or appreciation of the least not from this orginization...

    I AM curious how the gentleman from Hance is going to effect changes...seems to be a privately owned family company...with a stake in Locator Certification...hmmm...
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