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Thread: Please be careful around the leaves please!

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    Default Please be careful around the leaves please!

    I had a speeding car lose control driving over wet leaves at an intersection last night. I swear she missed the front of my truck by less than an inch! Goes without saying, but be careful out there.

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    Default Re: Please be careful around the leaves please!

    Glad to hear that you are O.K.
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    Default Re: Please be careful around the leaves please!

    We have sitations similar to this in the farm country parts of our state. Farm tractors and trucks hauling grains (corn, soybeans etc) from the fields to the storage bins tend to spill said cargo at intersections when they stop and start. A vehicle comes up to stop at the stop sign, hits the brakes and then slides on the corn or beans. I see it happen quite often during the harvest season....
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