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    Default For Manly Boo-Boos

    The three most important inventions of all time must be fire, the wheel and duct tape. Fans of the grey fix-all will be pleased to learn that its role has been expanded. Not only will it hold the handyman's work together, but the handyman too.

    Nexcare—whose parent company, 3M, brings you the tape—has now come out with duct-tape bandages. No longer do your cuts have to be covered with your kid's colorful bandages or whatever tape, kleenex, shop rag or hand towel is on hand. The bandages are a manly 1" x 3 5/8" size, and they come in a toolbox-friendly pack of 10. These are now available at most drug store chains.

    The bandage is based on the same strong grey material as the tape, but it has a more skin-friendly adhesive and a gauze square. It will rip hair off your arm if you need to sneak a peek at your cut, but not to the same extent as the tape. Medically, it works like a regular bandage by keeping dirt and germs out, and it's sterile, unlike that duct tape roll of yours with all the sawdust clinging to the sides.

    The bandage I tested performed well. It lasted 36 hours, through 12 hand washes and a shower. This is one of those times when you say to yourself, "Man, why didn't I think of that!"


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    Default Re: For Manly Boo-Boos

    awesome!!!! from 1001 to 1002 uses of duct tape!!! gotta love it!!!
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