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    Default Manhole safety

    Posted on November 3, 2011 at 8:59 AM

    Updated yesterday at 10:49 PM


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    FAIRVIEW - Authorities have confirmed that both people trapped in a manhole Thursday are dead.

    The fire chief in Fairview reported that rescue crews were able to recover one body and the second person is missing after being swept away in the pipeline. The workers became trapped in the six-foot, multi-level hole shortly after 8 a.m. in the Thompson Springs neighborhood in Fairview. Police said a third worker called 911, telling them the two men were unconscious.

    The recovery effort for the second worker's body is underway. The manhole covers for a one mile stretch of sewer line are open to assist the search.

    The SJ Lewis workers were on a contract job for the North Texas Municipal Water District when the incident occurred. They were working to find a clog in the waste water line and were on the system's last manhole when at least one of them became overcome by either a lack of oxygen or some type of fumes.

    The fire chief said they believe the first worker went into the manhole, and when he became overcome, the second worker went in to help and also became overcome.

    The men were not wearing any protective breathing apparatuses.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has officials investigating Thursday's accident. OSHA records show the company has several previous infractions.

    Two years ago in San Antonio, another one of their contractors was killed. The company also has received several safety fines. In total, the company had seven federal infractions in the last five years.

    Jose Angel Cruz, one of the victim's brothers, talked with reporters after his body was recovered, but was pulled away by an unidentified man. He said he had been asking his brother, who was married with five children, to quit the job because it was too dangerous. However, he said his 44-year-old brother would not as he wanted to provide for his family.
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    Default Re: Manhole safety

    These types of deaths are 100% avoidable and unecessary. I do hope their employer gets nailed.
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    Default Re: Manhole safety

    Quote Originally Posted by ifinditunderground View Post
    These types of deaths are 100% avoidable and unecessary. I do hope their employer gets nailed.
    Amen!! Saw on a firefighting site they picked up a couple different gases in the m/h.

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