Next time you respond to an Emergency Water Leak (think "sink hole")

As most locators are well aware of, you cant paint a road that’s under water so we often have to wait for the water to be shut off so we can mark our lines anywhere near the dig area. After the water is turned off, in some cases, the pavement becomes a shell without soil or water pressure supporting it. I’ve seen a backhoe take a nose dive driving up to the leak point and I’ve also seen a picture of a fire truck that also ended up nose down in a sink hole.
BEWARE ! People can fall into sink holes as well…
Large water leaks or line damages will self excavate by washing soil away beneath pavement and grass roots... I almost lost a new hire when he jumped up and down on the surface of the ground and broke through the surface up to his waist. He though it was cool that the ground felt like a waterbed..
I laughed so hard that I was almost wet myself…. “only pride was hurt in the making of this story”

WATER LINE LEAK/BURST, Pacific Coast Hwy, Maibu