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    Default Canyonero

    2004 Ford Excursion

    The Ford Excursion. A Mount Rushmore-sized SUV based on the company's Super Duty truck platform. Dubbed the Ford "Valdez" by the Sierra Club, the Excursion was a passenger vehicle of gob-smacking proportions. It weighed 7,000 lbs, measured almost 19 ft. long and stood 6.5 ft. tall. At the time, Ford argued that many of it's customers ranchers, farmers, um, tugboat enthusiasts needed a vehicle this big with over 10,000-lb. towing capacity. Maybe that was true, but that didn't keep Suzy Homemakers from driving them to the mall. To its dubious credit, the Excursion pioneered the use of the blocker bar, a kind of under-vehicle roll bar designed to keep the Excursion from rolling over anything unfortunate enough to be hit by it. The Simpsons wrote the Excursion's cultural obituary in the episode where Marge buys the "Canyonero." "Can you name the truck with four wheel drive, smells like a steak and seats thirty-five...Canyoner-oooo!"


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    Default Re: Canyonero

    Nice truck. Ill take one, if I could get 10yr 0% terms ??

    I miss my full size Jimmy, and my GM extcab 4x..

    Nowdays its a Jeep GC (98, the last of the 'good ones', they say).. its okay, but I do sometimes feel like a sardine. With the 2 kids in car seats, the sis in law in the back, and the wife and I up front.. there's not much room for moving.
    (May you live in interesting times)

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