Alan Jackson's Beautiful $38 Million Home For Sale

Alan Jackson has grabbed the top of the 'property for sale' charts with his $38 million Nashville estate.

Alan and Denise Jackson

Country music superstar Alan Jackson's palace sits as the most expensive home on the market in Nashville.

Perez Hilton, creator of Hollywood's most hated website delivering the juiciest celebrity gossip, is having a cow:

"Shit-kickin' country western singer Alan Jackson just placed his Nashville home on the real estate market for the lofty price of $38 million dollars."

"The property consists of a 19,000-square-foot house with six bedrooms, seven full baths and two half baths, a nine-car garage, basketball court, boathouse and two ponds. The 135 acre property is the highest-priced residential property for sale in the Nashville area, which leads us to believe there is actually someone crazier than this guy."

"We'd stay put in that mansion of yours, Alan, because we reckon ain't nobody going to give you one-tenth of that price in this economy!"

Perez missed the lake stocked for fishing, the boat house, three ponds, a 20 car garage, gym, log cabin guest house and more.