• South Yarmouth gas main leak fixed

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    It took several hours of hard work, but repair crews Friday evening managed to stop a gas man leak that forced the evacuation of several homes in the Old Main Street and River Street area of South Yarmouth.

    About 75 National Grid gas customers were without service for hours after crews installing new gas mains accidentally ruptured an exisisting gas main about noon Friday.

    The leak sent pressureized gas into the air. The Yarmouth Fire Department, responding from its headquarters across the street from the leak site, sprayed water on the escaping gas to keep it from igniting.

    Traffic was rerouted around the area until Friday night as work crews made repairs to the ruptured gas main. A first attempt to crimp the damaged pipe failed.Lster, a specialized welder was brought in to cap the damaged pipe.

    Narional Grid spokesman David Graves said friday the utility will investigate to see if the subcontractor working on the gas main installation consulted Dig Safe about the location of the gas main and if the main was properly marked.

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