• Permian Basin Safety Day demonstrates result of a natural gas line struck


    "Any line strike is an accident and we're trying to stop those based on the severity of it," said Kinder Morgan Operation Supervisor Bret Jackson. "You can't really make a judgement call off on that."

    Chevron, Power Line Energy Services, West Texas Safety Training, Texas 8-1-1 and The Permian Basin Damage Prevention Council marked their first annual at the Horseshoe Arena in Midland Friday morning.

    "A little bit better than just a table top, talking about it and eating a plate of barbecue," said Jackson.

    The event demonstrated safety hazards including a power line presentation and a simulated natural gas line strike.

    "Even though you do call 811, what could happen if you get distracted or if a line is missed or not marked, serious consequences can occur," said Texas 811 Damage Prevention Manager Melissa Brannan.

    The simulation included Midland Police, EMS, and the Midland Fire Department to make the experience life-like as possible.

    "So it could be anything from a minor burn to a serious burn all the way to death," said Brannan. "You could die if you don't practice safe excavation."

    Brannan said this can happen to anyone, especially homeowners. Anyone who plans to start digging should call Texas 811. Calls should be made two days prior to digging. This allows companies to come in and safely mark the area to prevent any bodily injuries.

    "The Common Ground Alliance, which is the national organization that promotes 811, they say 99% of all incidents can be avoided just by calling 811," said Brannan.

    She said the more people learn of damage prevention, the less people get hurt.

    "Our calls are going up but the incidences of hit lines are going down."

    If you have plans to start digging, you can call Texas 811 at (800) 344-8377. For more information on West Texas Safety Training, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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