• Indianapolis company (USIC) buys Loveland's Safe Site


    LOVELAND - Indianapolis-based United States Infrastructure Corp. LLC (USIC), has bought Safe Site Utility Field Services in Loveland.

    Co-founded by Skip and Diane McIntosh in 2005, Safe Site provided utility engineering, underground utility location and excavation services. Skip and Diane grew their company from two employees to more than 260 at the time of sale completed Dec. 3.

    "It wasn't something we initially thought about," Skip said. USIC CEO Michael Stayton "called me and asked if we'd be interested in a partnership. I've always admired his company and the way he ran his business from a competitor standpoint."

    USIC is the largest underground utility location company in North America, operating in 31 states and Alberta, Canada.

    Skip McIntosh accepted a position as vice president at USIC and also will serve as a company officer. Justin McIntosh, Skip and Diane McIntosh's son, will serve as the general manager of a company division for USIC.

    Skip McIntosh believes the merger will bode well for his employees.

    "Now there is more security and opportunity to advance and grow within the company," he said.

    The business' offices will remain at 5803 Lockheed Ave. in Loveland.

    Skip McIntosh said the long-term goals of the company merger would be to analyze business practices and tactics of both companies and work toward strengthening the corporation from the inside out.

    "Between the two companies, we're able to grow our business and make it better over all," he said. "When you put two great companies together you become better for the base and the customers."

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