• Gas Main Break on Detroit Road Now Contained

    Avon Patch

    Residents and commuters driving down Detroit Road near Mitchell’s Ice Cream April 10 and concerned over a strong smell of gas can rest easy: The break of a gas main line has been contained and Avon Fire expects the smell to dissipate in the near future.

    The Avon Fire Department was called at 1:59 p.m. Wednesday after construction workers in front of Market Place (across from Pickering Hill Farms) struck a gas main.

    Fire department vehicles and personnel immediately went to the location and stood by while officers directed traffic. Drivers in the area noted plenty of emergency vehicles and fire personnel in the area.

    The break resulted in a strong gas odor that could be smelled as far away as SR 83.

    By 3:05 p.m. fire department vehicles began returning to the station.

    “It was a construction crew doing a tap in,” Avon Fire Chief Frank Root III said. “There were no injuries.”

    Root said he expected with the windy conditions the gas smell would dissipate.

    “The wind may blow it remotely,” he said, noting that people in other areas of Avon might smell the gas. “We may continue to get calls this afternoon.”

    Detroit Road remained open during the incident.

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