• Gas leak contained at Miramar warehouse; 32 evacuations at the complex

    10 News

    SAN DIEGO - A construction crew severed a natural gas line at a Miramar-area site Wednesday, and workers temporarily evacuated the site while the line was pinched off and repaired.

    Workers digging along 7700 Miramar Road accidentally ruptured a gas line about 8:30 a.m., according to Maurice Luque of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. Crews responded after authorities received reports of a heavy smell of gas.

    10News learned 32 people were evacuated due to the leak.

    Scott Norris was driving to work when he saw the activity.

    "I rolled the windows down just to discover the huge smell of gas," Norris said.

    Fortunately, Norris' building was safe.

    Fire crews said the winds were relatively light, which avoided the spread of the smell.

    "I wanted to make sure the gas wasn't going to be in a pocket, so you look around you had a little bit of wind over here and we just wanted to make sure there wasn't any hazard to folks because of the gas pocket," said San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Battalion Chief Gregg Donnelly.

    A San Diego Gas & Electric repair crew was dispatched to fix the 2-inch line, which took about two hours, Luque said.

    Firefighters said construction workers were inside of the structure at the time of the leak, but there was no immediate danger to them.

    There were no immediate reports of injuries.

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