• Crews Respond to Punctured Gas Line in Maplewood


    A gas line was cut on Wednesday afternoon in the 7400 block of Zephyr Place. A Maplewood crew had been repairing a sewer lateral when the gas line was cut.

    Emergency officials and crews from Laclede Gas were called to the site to locate the break and replace the broken line.

    Jessica Willingham, a spokesperson for Laclede Gas, said the gas line was cut, "even though it was clearly marked."

    But Anthony Traxler, the director of the Maplewood Public Works Department, said that the line was not clearly marked.

    As a result, the city of Maplewood will not be billed for the repair, Traxler said.

    There was never any danger resulting from the break, said Lt. Mark Griffin of the Maplewood Police Department.

    The gas service line repair was not finished on Wednesday, and the holes dug on either side of Zephyr Place were fenced off with orange warning tape.

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