• 2013 Midwest Damage Prevention Training Conference

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    The inaugural Midwest Damage Prevention Training Conference (MWDPTC), hosted by title sponsors Kentucky 811 and Indiana 811, will be THE event this fall for facility operators, locators, excavators, regulators, engineers and all other professionals who work near underground facilities.

    The combination of informative training sessions, relevant exhibitors and networking opportunities creates the perfect event for everyone interested in protecting our region’s buried utilities, the professionals who work near them and communities at large.

    The conference, which will likely attract upwards of 300 attendees based on recent Kentucky 811/Indiana 811 research, will be held Nov. 5-7 at the French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana.

    Session topics will be solidified in the upcoming weeks, but a tentative list of session themes include:

    811 101 – damage prevention basics
    State and federal regulatory update
    Indiana Advisory Committee update
    Kentucky law update
    Power of partnership – working together to promote damage prevention
    Regional benefits of the Common Ground Alliance
    Private facility locating
    DOT substance abuse compliance
    Locating technology (in partnership with Indiana Rural Water Association)
    Beyond utilities – preventing other outdoor worksite dangers

    We’re also seeking sponsors and exhibitors who are looking for a new way to support damage prevention education or promote products and/or services. Click here for a list of sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, and feel free to contact Indiana 811’s Chuck Muller at cmuller@indiana811.org for additional information.

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