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  1. swagman's Avatar
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    anyone i know ??? yes i feel your pain,
  2. cablemarkerman's Avatar
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    that is such a shame
  3. ProfessionalLocator's Avatar
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    Seen it too many times. We are an industry that requires drug tests and often background tests.

    Had one just like yours above.

    Had a tech who got bumped in the company car by another car, no damage to any veicale and no injuries. Still any reported accident gets a drug test and out the door he went. (He drove past the testing facility, late in the day, and went straight home and called in next morning saying he quit. A refused drug test counts as a failed test but this created no actual record of a positive test)

    Got a raw recruit and by week four of employment got busted for possession of weed. Had been unemployed and once he got those first pay checks went straight to the dealer.

    Recently interview went well and signed one up and the background check brings up a current DUI. Since this was left off the application not accepted for submitting false application.

    The list goes on.
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