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    I was hoping your guy was just on a learning curve. Grounded to the vault lid !!! That's a last resort trick if nothing else works. Or a newbie mistake. Whining to your boss that he intimidates you thereby his mistakes are your fault is childish too. He gets no sympathy from me Mke. You do. This guy sounds like a whiner and a faker.
    It's Friday. Have a mustard dog and a tall-boy Bud and get yourself gruntled. Monday will come all too soon.
  2. BoomSlang's Avatar
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    Sounds to me that he has had some bad training. Maybe he was cut loose to quick from his mentor. He needs to go back and do some ride along s. You are the lead...take control of it. Tell your boss he needs some help or something will happen. If nothing is said to get this guy more training then I don't blame him if something happens, I would blame you. You are the lead right? You saw this first hand so now it is on you to get this guy the help and training he needs.

    I am also a lead. I have also had guys who I have helped on a job and I saw to it they got more training if I felt they needed it. That is what you are there help your crew.
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