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    I agree with all these suggestions. But until the companies are willing to pay better and have better bonuses/perks like they used to. For most this job will just be a temporary stop on the way to something bigger and better. I think the companies have just figured its cheaper to keep training and replacing guys as they quit or get fired every year.

    For one thing the can claim on paper that they have a lower damage ratio for the techs in the field, than if there were more senior techs on the payroll that over time would have lower damage numbers because they would actually take the time to do the job right and not take short cuts that would cause damages. ALSO from a purely accounting stand point they can deduct damages and training class expenses on the taxes to benefit the company's bottom line better than the way bonuses and higher hourly rates would be.

    Ever since the last Usic merger I've heard from friends of mine that still work there that its all about the ticket count. Because guess what if you get damages you won't get any raises and if you get no damages and lowered production number then you get hardly any raise from year to year. I mean I can find 25 cents on the ground on a pretty regular basis during my day, but yet that's what they choose to give some techs that have really low damage numbers as a yearly raise.

    The starting pay scale throughout USIC is all over the map. In Washington state for example they start at $15 per hr and other states at 14 per hr and others at 12 per hr. And I would guess it doesn't always mean that areas that do 4 way locates make more than the areas that do 2 or 3 way locates.

    It's only a matter of time once the new hedge fund in California takes the reigns of USIC and tries to squeeze the budget some more before they sell it off again in a few years. The real interesting thing is that if fast food workers eventually are marking closer to what utility locators are making then the phrase "would you like fries with that shake " sounds like more fun than " would you like that mile long stretch of road in downtown( any big town usa) marked out now or after lunch.???? Which just so happens to be right near the police station the hospital and local school lol.

    But hey its time to get some sleep, so I can paint the day away again
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