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  1. Construction Season 2014!!

    by , April 4th, 2014 at 05:43 PM
    Up here in the great state of Minnesota (MINI-'SO-TAH') we are gearing up for construction season of 2014. I know in my local area we are looking at several items that make my ears perk up. Now some need to understand that I not only do all the utility locating (gas, steam, water, and electric distribution) for a public utility company, but I also do a lot of the design work and Q&A for outside firms when it comes to big projects. It really can be a wild job and I have the luxury of deciding ...
  2. Contractors + Locates = Frustration

    by , February 11th, 2014 at 03:31 PM
    Before I start, please note that this is not 'all' contractors, but a rant about ones that abuse the system...

    I'm getting pretty tired of the locate 'requests' that are to locate the entire block (I'll explain...)

    First off, locators are in existence to prevent damages, injuries, and help identify locations of buried facilities. Locators are not here to walk around staring at a machine aimlessly spraying paint around just to pass time. When a contractor tells me they ...
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